💰Rewards Allocation

Transparent and Equitable Reward Distribution

Nuvola Digital employs a transparent and equitable reward distribution model, ensuring that $NVL token holders are fairly compensated for their participation. This model promotes trust and long-term engagement within the Nuvola Digital community.

  • 50% to Token Holders

Half of the rewards earned from node operations are distributed to staked $NVL token holders, aligning the interests of the community with the success of the platform.

  • 25% to Treasury

This portion of rewards are allocated to the Treasury, divided between marketing, development and most importantly, market expansion, ensuring the platform's growth, sustainability and increasing the long term potential of Nuvola.

The primary motive of its treasury is to strategically acquire more DePIN market share by partnering with others entities across all chains helping them grow their respected network. Rewards from each new partnership model will be redistributed back to $NVL holders to continuously provide increased value of their 50% share.

  • 15% Operations & Maintenance

This allocation will be used for continued support of growing operations, running costs, server maintenance and all other overhead operational costs.

  • 10% Team

This allocation of rewards will go to sustaining the growth of our team and resources via proper technical, operational and advisory members on staff to ensure our continued success.

Nuvola Digital is committed to financial transparency and sustainability. The treasury's management is crucial in ensuring the long-term viability of the platform and its ability to generate rewards for $NVL token holders.