🚀Potential Revenue Streams

As a network expansion provider, Nuvola's main goal is to set up nodes and servers to aid decentralized networks. Given that each underlying asset has different rewards structures based on parameters set to run their nodes and servers, Nuvola can capitalize on those very streams and provide value back to $NVL holders and its Treasury in a rather simple and cost efficient way.

It's business model has flexibility to maneuver several networks spread across different markets and blockchains practically eliminating barriers to entry.

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Isaac Newton

Using a base model of IAGONs ($IAG) reward structure, the potential streams include

Rewards for Node Operators:

  1. Storage Node Operations

  2. Public Staking $IAG to Nuvola owned IAGON Nodes

  3. Computing Node Operations

  4. Revenue from Customer usage of storage and computing on IAG network

Based on the IAG model above, $NVL stakers have exposure to 50% of the potential rewards from the streams mentioned above.

But why stop there?...

As the Treasury grows from its respected reward streams, its capital will be deployed on a Cross-Chain strategy for further market acquisition of other networks. Each underlying network having a unique reward model creates an opportunity for Nuvola to become a doorway for cross-chain exposure and liquidity from the Cardano ecosystem to desired networks ecosystem.

The Capital Deployment of Treasury strategy will be utilized as an acquisition mechanism for Nuvola to embark on a cross-chain expansion run while nourishing its community in the process.